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Video Tutorial #1: Shooting RAW and Loving It

Still shooting JPEG? Have lots of pictures rejected on technical quality grounds? Watch our video tutorial and learn how you can dramatically improve your photos by shooting RAW.

This video tutorial is the first one in series we’ll be releasing in the nearest future. Watching our tutorials is an easy way to learn how to deal with stock agencies and make profit. The first video covers Adobe Camera Raw, one of the most important tools that are essential to producing pictures acceptable by the stock agencies.

Lots of pictures are rejected by stock agencies on the grounds of their technical qualities as opposed to their artistic merits. Digital noise, soft corners, over-sharpening halos, blown highlights and undeveloped shadows, wrong color balance, under or oversaturation, lack of contrast and wrong exposure are all common sources of image rejections. Yet, you can easily correct most of these issues by simply shooting RAW and processing your pictures in a RAW converter!

Watch full-screen for better visual quality or download AVI here

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